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July 2013 Update

July 2013 Update

Our time in the US is coming to a close. This season of recovery is finished and we are going back to Cambodia. Now comes the task of packing bags and saying goodbyes. Our departure is this Wednesday evening; redeye from Seattle to Taipei, arriving in Phnom Penh at 11:30 in the afternoon.


We are grateful to so many people. Our parents, family, and so many friends have significantly contributed to our recovery.  We could fill a book with names of loving people who ministered to us.


Courtney continues to improve.  She walks a delicate line of pushing her limbs, increasing their mobility and strength, yet, not causing more problems. Now she is suffering from tendonitis. This was caused by simply being a mom and a nomad missionary. Its terrible timing for a painful condition. She needs to take it easy. But how can she do it, when we are in traveling mode? The list of tasks needing to be done is long.


Sret, our Cambodian counterpart in Koh Kong, called last night.  Just as our emotions are increasing momentum as we approach departure, our Cambodian friends and ministry partners in Koh Kong are excited for our return. The Bak Klong Church is sending a contingent of folks to greet us at the airport.  Also, some of our World Team family will meet us there.


At the Koh Kong Health Club, the ladies are asking about Courtney.  They are surprised she is returning after such a tragic accident. Many hugs are waiting for her. This odyssey in healthcare and rehabilitation is now closed stateside, but it will continue on in Cambodia. Courtney will be building a rehab regiment into her lifestyle and she will have the Club at her disposal.


We look forward in continuing as your missionaries in Cambodia! Please add your email address to our monthly update, friend us on Facebook, and don’t forget our blog at


Moving Forward,

Jeff, Courtney, Weston, Emma, Dani

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September 2012 Update

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August 2012 Update

August 2012 Update

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May 2012 update



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Bio-gas Digester–Build

Here is our prototype bio-gas digester.




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Bus Crash in Koh Kong

This is a news report on the bus crash last week.  I participated in helping of the injured at the local hospital.  It was pandemonium.

VOA News


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January, 2012 Update

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Our December update

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Christmas Baptisms in Bak Klong

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New Bible Study! Guest Blogger J.C


Over the last three years the Koh Kong has visited a village about 20 km from the city where we all live. We have visited this area also during our Khmer prayer summits every Feb. and this past year we handed out the My Country My Faith videos. In early November we visited and prayed for this village again during the  AWAKENING prayer summit. During this last visit we met a lady (Tia) who told us she has watched the video several times and really likes what she has heard. We asked her if she or others would be interested in learning more about Christianity and she quickly responded that she does and felt that others may want to know more also.

Today, we went to see her again and follow-up on our conversation, checking to see if she was still interested. To our delight, she is still desiring to study the Bible with us. After talking with her about the best time, we have settled on Wednesday afternoon for the first session. She is going to invite others to join the study in the next few days. We will talk to her again next Tuesday to see how many are interested but we reminded her that even if she was the only one, we still wanted to teach her. Please pray along with us about this new opportunity, that God would draw those people who are interested and that the enemy would not use his tactics to discourage people or Tai from joining the study.

We have wanted to design discussion questions to use with the video we made last year for some time now but have been unable to think about it due to other things. This new opportunity has brought that need to the forefront and we will be working on those this week. The idea is to show pieces of the video, then pause it to ask question and allow them to interact with the content. We feel this is a good approach which will help us to assess the interest of those there and will give them a clear cultural presentation of the gospel. It is also a great introduction to the Chronological bible study method we will use.

Join us in praying for Tia and the T village.

J & the K K team

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